An Oathbreaker's Vow

The Tahaerin Chronicles Book One

Loyalty, secrecy, objectivity - vows spoken as a child to guide a man.

Trained to spy and kill, then betrayed and marked for death, Zaraki fled the only home he knew. Hunted and desperate for work, he crossed a continent to the court of the newly crowned Queen of Tahaerin. With nothing but the sword on his hip and the oaths he took a boy, he offers her his service.

Gifted with a sharp mind and the ability to read the thoughts of others, Leisha Tahaerin took her throne surrounded by enemies. The powerful men of her kingdom want to force her into marriage or take her crown by violence. She has no intention of going along with their plans, but she'll need allies to survive. Can she trust an unknown and unproven, foreign spy?

And when old foes return, can Zaraki keep his stubborn, strong-willed charge alive?

The Heretic's War

The Tahaerin Chronicles Book Two

Two years have passed since the attempted coup that nearly cost Leisha, Queen of Tahaerin, her crown, her lover, and her life. With her fractious and peevish nobles cowed into submission, she can finally enjoy the peace she work so hard to forge.

But, war has come to the kingdoms of Ilayta. Sailing over the horizon, vicious invaders arrive first on the shores of Tahaerin. Under the banner of their nameless god, they threaten to drown the land in blood and bring a weapon never imagined here - an army of enslaved telepaths. 

Leisha will fight ferociously to save her kingdom and her people, while once more, powerful men plot against her. Conspiracies she thought long dead return. One of her closest friends and advisers guards a secret that threatens everything she has built. Isolated and betrayed, she has only a pitifully small army and a handful of people she can trust.

As her enemies drive her from her home, turn friends against her and threaten her life, where can Leisha turn?

Fear and Bitter Thorns

The Tahaerin Chronicles Book Three

Leisha Tahaerin barely survived a war and a kidnapping by her former lover, Prince Lukas of Embriel. Now, with her kingdom’s invaders beaten back, she longs for peace. She and her husband, Zaraki, turn their eyes to rebuilding what the war destroyed. But when someone comes seeking bloody retribution for the murdered prince, everyone Leisha loves is in danger. 

Lilika grew up in Ostrava, a training ground for dangerous spies and deadly assassins. Nursed on tales of Zaraki’s betrayal of his one-time home, she gladly accepts a job to avenge Lukas’s death. What she discovers on her quest to kill a king will shatter everything she believes about herself and her past. 

And, Lilika isn’t the only assassin hunting Leisha and her loved ones.

Three hundred years ago, ships appeared on the coast far south of Lida and disgorged a people who would give rise to the Tahaerin kings and queens. They plundered their way up the coast, taking lands, evicting the rightful rulers and forging a kingdom of aggressive, war-mongering nobles and royals. On the death of her father, Leisha Tahaerin inherited this realm and continued the unbroken royal line stretching back to those first invaders.

-- A History of the Tahaerin People


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