Review: Rise of the Phoenix

I've said it before, and it should come as no surprise, but I love books about telepaths. I love speculating how different societies deal with having members amongst them who can read their thoughts. Some would certainly turn against those members.

Jamie McLachlan's rich world is sprinkled with mind readers who have been forced into three different Houses for the pleasure of the elites. Stripped of their rights, hated and maligned, they take the blame and bear the punishments for any tiny rebellion. Forced into subservient roles, some of the telepaths long for freedom - some are willing to kill to get it.

I don't want to give too much away since this is the finale of the series, but Moira and Keenan and complicated characters - which I love. This is more than a 'they come from two different worlds' story. Tragic and troubled, they both bring trunks full of baggage to their relationship. Both must struggle to grow and overcome their pasts, if they want to solve the mystery of the Phoenix and find their own happiness.

The writing and pacing of the story is splendid. I devoured the book in two evenings and then read the first two books again just to revisit Moira and Keenan.

If you like mystery, fantasy, and a little romance - check out the whole series!

And, now that the series has ended, I want to gush about how much I love the author's covers. They're so perfectly mysterious. The fire on the model's umbrella on this cover? Fantastic!

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