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A book's cover is so important to drawing in readers and getting them excited about the story. I've certainly grabbed a book just because I like the art! But I've found it difficult to know exactly what makes a good cover art.

A successful cover need to hook a reader, tell them something about the book's genre and characters, and let them know what to expect from the story. That's a lot to ask of relatively small image. I tried to learn to make my own, and I think I can eventually, but I finally decided my books deserved awesome art. So, I went in search of an artist and found a fantastic one!

Ljilja over at Fantasy Book Design was incredible to work with. I was so happy with the new covers for the Tahaerin books I went back to the same artist for The Mad Queen's Massacre. This was a neat project because I had both books plotted out entirely before I started on The Remembered Queen. So, I had Ljilja design two covers at the same time (and they're awesome) - One for The Remembered Queen and one for The Forgotten Queen.

The important thing today is this amazing cover. I love the model's face and expression. It's just the right mix of fear and determination for the main character.

But, secondary to this is the art for The Forgotten Queen is done and sitting in my cloud drive. Just waiting for me to finish the book!

If you'd like to be an advance reader for my new book, The Remembered Queen, you can sign up below. You'll get a free copy before it's released to Amazon!

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