Review: Elements (The Biodome Chronicles series Book 2)

Elements by Jesikah Sundin - My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An exciting and creative take on current story tropes!

The Biodome Chronicles spins a tale of a medieval society living in a future setting, cut off from the rest of the world and only peripherally aware of it most times. Under the dome, New Eden Township has grown and evolved for years - a traditional society with no advanced technology. Where out in the modern world, mankind has progressed at the expected rate.

The world building is superb and utterly believable. Unlike so many other YA novels with ridiculous plotting and story elements. The Biodome Chronicles delivers a consistent and credible storyline. I never found myself pulled out of the world by illogical leaps. The author expertly mixes a bag of different genres - romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and mystery.

At the end of the last book, Legacy, two young men found themselves thrust into each others’ worlds. Fillion is forced to enter the dome and Coal is released into the modern world. Where the focus in Legacy was building the world and setting the stage, in Elements, the reader gets a much more detailed look at Fillion and Coal as they struggle to take control of their new lives. Here, the author finds creative ways to highlight the differences in both men’s life experiences. Everything is new and different for them. How will they cope? What changes when their lives are fundamentally the opposite of what they grew up with?

Mixed in are two good romantic interests. Fillion and Willow orbit around one another, trying to become something more than friends. Coal too finds love, but struggles with it as the story progresses.

The author kept things creepy and suspenseful as she left hints and clues to deeper plots and mysteries to come. There’s a good deal of setup for the next book.

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