Review: Legacy (The Biodome Chronicles series Book 1)

Legacy by Jesikah Sundin - My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love the idea of dressing up and pretending to live the middle ages? Hate you can only do it for the weekend? If so, this book will enchant you!

The story opens in New Eden Township with a death. Leaf Watson must perform final rites for his father’s body and deal with the aftermath. Unfortunately, this coincides closely with the ending of the New Eden project - an experiment that placed people inside a biodome in the roles of medieval actors.

An idyllic paradise, New Eden Township is not truly what it seems. And with the ending of the project, Leaf, his sister Willow and all the young people who grew up inside the dome must come to terms with an outside world full of technologies they can’t comprehend.

Mysteries abound and soon questions arise about their society and truths they were taught.

Overall, it’s a well written book blending the ultra-modern with the medieval. The characters are interesting and well rounded. The writing is easy to follow even as the author weaves together the strands of her mystery. Best of all, she manages to convey a real sense of bewilderment and confusion as Leaf and Willow come to terms with the end of New Eden.

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