The Tahaerin Chronicles

Leisha Tahaerin was born to be queen. But when her father's invasion of a foreign kingdom failed, he bartered away her childhood and her freedom. Alone in a strange land, she grew up a hostage, a guarantee of a king's good behaviour.


As a child, her foster family feared her strange ability to read minds.  Now, as a young woman set to return home to take her throne, the nobleman in Tahaerin see her only as a pawn to be married off or a threat to be eliminated.

Orphaned in a night of violence, Zaraki was rescued and taken to Ostrava. Trained to spy and kill, he grew up ambitious and driven. As a young man, the only home he knew betrayed him. Now untested and out of work, he'll travel to the court of the new child-queen of Tahaerin to convince her to hire him.

Together the unlikely pair will fight to remake Leisha's kingdom. She will fight through dangerous politics, plots, wars and assassinations. Zaraki will fight to keep her alive.

The Mad Queen's Massacre

"What if you met someone who started a war and killed everyone she loved?"

Jon Fast-fingers led a colourful life thieving on the streets of Anhalt, the capital of Forint. Now, he lives in a tiny backwater, hiding from his past and trying to forget a tragedy so large it nearly destroyed him.


His boring, quiet life is shattered when a strange girl appears – a young woman claiming to be Aviana, Queen of Tolar.


Aviana, who ordered the slaughter of hundreds during the Mad Queen's Massacre.


Aviana, who fled her throne and vanished two years ago.


The girl is haunted, confused, destitute and half-starved. On her back, someone has carved a tattoo to hide a powerful spell, but she has no memory of who cast it on her. Hunted by men and nightmare creatures, she might be the Remembered Queen. And as he's drawn to her, Jon realizes he's either taken responsibility for a mad, troubled girl or solved the greatest mystery the Ivory Kingdoms has ever known.


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